2017 Stock Market Recap, 2018 Preview


What’s up, everyone!  2017 was an incredibly exciting year in the stock market.  The Dow Jones closed at a new all-time high on 70 different occasions this past year.  This has never happened before in history and the Dow Jones has been around for almost 140 years.

Personally, this was by far my most profitable year in the market and many of our members had similar success.  I’ve heard from people that were up 3 grand, 8 grand, 9 grand.  I was actually just emailing with one member who told me he was up over 14 grand mainly from his investment in PayPal.


One of the reasons why so many of our members had success in the market this year was because of our Investment Ideas newsletter.  Listen to this.  7 of the top 15 performing stocks this year were featured in our newsletter.

Caterpillar was featured in our August 14th newsletter and was up 70% this year.  Adobe was in the same newsletter, up 76%.  Activision Blizzard September 9th newsletter, up 73% this year.  Wynn Resorts, March 20th, up 81%.  PayPal, March 4th, up 87%.  Micron, April 30th, 110%.

We fucking crushed it this year!

God damn this list gets me pumped up!  And it doesn’t even include some of our favorite stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft which were all up over 35% and featured in various newsletters.

2017 was great but 2018 is going to be legendary.  The market is poised for another huge year.  We’re going to make SO much money in 2018 that you guys are going to get sick and tired of all the winning we’re doing.  But too bad, cause that’s all we do at Alvion Investing.  We win and we make money.

Now if you have yet to join the team, you’re going to want to become a member this week.  We’re offering a New Years special.  Use promo code WINNING2018 to get $200 off your membership.

With our online course, State of the Market newsletter, Investment Ideas newsletter, and much, much more you will have all the tools necessary to start investing in the stock market, growing your wealth, and achieving financial independence at a young age.

Thanks for watching everyone and have a great day!

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